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Clip-On Collectability

Nothing sells like collectability. The ‘gotta have latest range’. The ‘must complete the set’. The ‘get it before it’s gone’ limited edition. So when we set out to style up the humble Chelsea boot with our clip on boot accessories, we added a great big helping of collectability too.

Why Funstonze®?

Thanks to brands like the market-leading Blundstone (sold in over 50 countries), Chelsea boots are no longer just a practical footwear choice. For kids and adults, they’re a fun, stylish fashion statement.

With Funstonze, the patented magnetic, clip-on fashion accessory, we’ve made Chelsea boots personal.

And with Tribe Funstonze, we’re tapping into a social generation of Funstonze fans who love customizing their boots, choosing their style, and swapping and sharing their Funstonze with friends.